Curry Calamari $12.95

Fish Fillet with Cream Corn $13.95

Salt and Pepper Calamari $13.95

Sweet and Sour Prawns $12.95

Cashew Prawns $12.95

Salt and Pepper Prawns (no shell) or Fish Fillet $13.95

Kung Pao Prawns $12.95

Hot Spicy Prawns (tomato sweet and hot spicy sauce) $12.95

Snow Peas Prawns 13.95

Kung Pao Three Combo (with shrimp, chicken and beef) $13.95

Sizzling Seafood $16.95

Happy Family Delight $14.95

Broccoli Prawns $12.95

Black Bean Sauce Prawns $12.95

Ming’s Crispy Ginger Prawns $13.95

Yu Shiang Prawns $12.95

Mu Shu Prawns $13.95

Prawns with Lobster Sauce (with egg white sauce) $13.95

Seafood Delight (with shrimp, calamari and scallop) $14.95

Prawns with Fresh Mushrooms $12.95

Mongolian Three Combo (with shrimp, chicken and beef) $14.55

Curry Prawns $12.95

Empress Prawns $12.95

Deluxe Fresh Vegetables with Prawns $12.95

Hunan Prawns $12.95

Sizzling Rice Prawns (tomato sauce) $13.95

Honey Walnut Prawns $14.95

Scallops with Deluxe Fresh Vegetables $16.95

Sesame Prawns $13.95

Bok Choy Fish Fillet or Prawns $12.95

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